Clips – Art & Design

Construction toys inspire new lighting series by Paola Petrobelli
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – June 4, 2013

Glass Curiosities: Lewis Hine’s child-labor photos document the early 20th-century American glass industry
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – May 31, 2013

Frozen Moment: Claire Lieberman is drawn to materials that embody form in flux.
GLASS Quarterly – Summer 2013

Review: “Playing with Fire: 50 Years of Contemporary Glass” at the Museum of Arts and Design
GLASS Quarterly – Summer 2013

Review: “Beyond Bling: The Artist as Jeweler” at Claire Oliver Gallery
GLASS Quarterly – Spring 2013

Opening: Eunsuh Choi caps residency with an exhibition of her flameworked installations at Pittsburgh Glass Center
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – January 31, 2013

Playing With Perfection
Axel Russmeyer’s pristine and complex spheres are made with glass beads from his immense collection, each piece of jewelry a combination of rigorous technical skill and freewheeling imagination.
GLASS Quarterly – Winter 2012-13

Review: Marianne Weil – “Fusion: Glass and Bronze”
GLASS Quarterly – Fall 2012

Book Review: Color Ignited: Glass 1962-2012
GLASS Quarterly – Fall 2012

SEEN: Tom Fruin adds kaleidoscopic watertower to Brooklyn skyline
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – July 16, 2012

SEEN: Dan Flavin retrospective shows development of fluorescent light installations
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – June 8, 2012

Uranium glass chandeliers mark anniversary of Japan’s nuclear disaster
GLASS Quarterly – Summer 2012

Artist Drowns Barbie and Paints the ‘Crime’
BUST – March 2, 2012

Color Coded: Beverly Fishman, an influential artist who leads the painting program at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, takes her explorations of technology and the human body into the material of glass.
GLASS QuarterlySpring 2012

Hans Haacke Show in Madrid Connects Art and Commerce
The New York Times – February 23, 2012

Chagall Survey Opens in Madrid
The New York Times – February 14, 2012

Arab Spring Street Art, on View in Madrid
The New York Times – February 2, 2012

In an exhibition at Corning, Harvey Littleton comes home
GLASS Quarterly – Winter 2011

Review: “Glass in All Senses”
GLASS Quarterly – Winter 2011

At Madrid Show, Colorful Posters and Stark Photography
The New York Times – November 22, 2011

OPENING: Josepha Gasch-Muche fuses light with glass at Heller Gallery in NYC
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – October 14, 2011

Young Artists the Focus at Madrid Show
The New York Times – October 5, 2011

Madrid Market Highlights Indie Design
The New York Times – September 30, 2011

Walking on Air: The magic of the Apple Store experience is achieved through feats of groundbreaking design and engineering in glass
GLASS Quarterly – Fall 2011

DESIGN: New exhibition celebrates 100 years of the iconic power of designer Kaj Franck (1911-1989)
GLASS Quarterly – Fall 2011

In Madrid, Exploring Galicia Through Photography
The New York Times – August 22, 2011

Sensual glass: Museum exhibition in Vermont encourages viewers to touch, smell, listen, and taste
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – August 12, 2011

OPENING: Jen Blazina’s cast glass objects and panels explore memory and heirlooms
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – June 25, 2011

DESIGN: Reclaimed glass makes a comeback as eco-chic glassware, jewelry, and home furnishings
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – June 13, 2011

OPENING: Designer Mark Reigelman’s installation of glass-encrusted furniture is one-of-a-kind
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – June 6, 2011

Hailed abroad, Lino Tagliapietra is finally honored at home with first major retrospective in Venice
GLASS Quarterly – Summer 2011

Japanese artists sell pâte de verre masterpieces to rebuild after March earthquake
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – May 12, 2011

OPENING: Bohyun Yoon takes on vessels, light, shadow, and gender in Philadelphia exhibit 
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – April 6, 2011

The brothers de la Torre provoke and inspire in Arizona museum exhibition
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – March 2, 2011

Reflection: A new generation of artists seeks to broaden what it sees as overly narrow parameters for glass art
GLASS Quarterly – Spring 2011

OPENING: Justin Ginsberg’s “glass calligraphy” debuts at Dallas gallery Saturday
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – February 17, 2011

Glass Curiosities: London flameworker is one of the last glass eye makers 
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – February 9, 2011

OPENING: Women artists take on “domesticity” at Morgan Gallery 
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – October 6, 2010

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