Clips – Misc.

Are You Giving Someone Else Credit for Your Work? – June 12, 2013

Artist Drowns Barbie and Paints the ‘Crime’ – March 2, 2012

South Korean Starlets Stuck with Offensive “Bagel Girl” Label – September 27, 2011

Online magazine sheds light on Spain’s nascent glass art scene 
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – April 13, 2011

Glass Curiosities: Furnace Eel is a rarefied holiday tradition in Murano 
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – March 15, 2011

Glass Curiosities: London flameworker is one of the last glass eye makers 
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – February 9, 2011

Has CERF+’s fundraising kept pace with its expanding mission?
GLASS Quarterly – Winter 2010

Nine works by an Australian glass artist languish in an American gallery: A sign of the times?
GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet – December 28, 2010

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